Introduction To Me

Introduction To Me

HELLO! This is my very first blog post ever! And of course for my first blog post I want to tell you all a little about myself. It only feels right. Okay here we go! 

My name is Kelly Huang, but you probably know that. I'm Chinese Laotian but I identify more with Laotian. I'm a filmmaker based out in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The films I tend to make are documentary. There's something about creating the story in post-production that is attractive with storytelling. I did go to art school to become a filmmaker and with the heavy amount of loans I now have, I wish I didn't go to art school, but of course when I look back on it I wouldn't want to change a thing because I wouldn't be where I am without school. So HALLELUJAH for my full-time job because without it I would literally be a starving artist. 

I started this blog because I love to travel, but I hate the traveling part (just the flying though). I hate flying so much. I'm sure some you can agree. Flying has to be the worst for me. It's never consistent for me. My ears either feel like they are going to explode or they are perfectly fine. If I could afford first class, I would be there every time. Because you can lay down and sleep rather than strain your neck while being stuck in the middle seat. Other than flying I love to travel. I just thought of that famous quote. 

It’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey you take to get to your destination.
— unknown

In my case, I hate the journey, but I love the destination. 

Also, I started this blog because I wanted to write about all the places I've visited so far. I have all these videos and pictures and they're all on a hard drive collecting dust at the moment. I wanted to write about my experiences in all the beautiful places I've visited, so I wouldn't forget about them in the future. So the first few blogs I will write will be from past trips I've took and my experiences. Each will be accompanied by beautiful photos and video highlights. 

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.
— also Unknown

When I'm not traveling, I'm working of course. I'm a Video Content Manager at a tech startup called 75F. I love working at 75F. I get to make videos for a living and then live my life making more videos. I guess I'll end this post here and I'll leave you with my short documentary film. It'll give you all insight into who I am as an artist and what kind of stories I make. It's called Unspoken and it's a film about my parents relationship and how I dealt with it. Enjoy! 

UNSPOKEN is a short documentary film about the reality of marriage from the perspective of a daughter. Soonhwa and Chanhom Huang quickly married without really knowing each other. Now after 24 years of marriage they've learned what they love and hate about one another. It's about my parents' marriage and my own understanding of their relationship and what love is.